A simple but hardworking man in his forties. He loves his family and treasures his quality time with them. It’s not uncommon to find him playing hide and seek and other kid games with his children. He adores them and puts his family above all things.As for hobbies, he is a super sports fan. Catch him with his buddies enjoying a game at home when he’s free. He also often engages in interesting sport talks with his peers, analyzing past games and predicting future game outcomes. A loyal fan that has quite a few sports souvenirs in his possession. He is an insightful man who believes there is something to learn in everything including sports. Sports have taught him to make the most of every opportunity that life presents. Just like how the sportsmen do it in the field.On weekends, he loves drinking wine at the local wineries. His first love with wine was when he first visited the Naked Mountain Winery & Vineyards in Virginia.

After he got hooked, he started going on Wine road trips and he ended up settling in the Temecula Valley also known as Southern California’s Wine Country.He has a way with getting the perfect wine for every type of meal. Wine connoisseur is his middle name. His idea of a perfect getaway is a wine tasting tour at the best scenic wineries. Starting with a bit of history about the origin of wine and ending it with a picnic. A simple picnic in a nice spot, facing the breathtaking landscapes of the valley’s, while sipping his favorite wine. Spend a weekend with him and you will learn quite a lot about wine and wineries in general. Many who meet him have lots of nice things to say. From the way he is always in a good mood to the way he shows kindness to others. His colleagues love working with him and his family sings praises of him. He’s a rare breed of charming and trustworthy person everyone would like to be associated with.

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