5 Things You Should Always Do On A Wine Tasting Tour

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Are you planning a wine tasting tour and you are not sure the things you should do in one? Maybe you are wondering what you should carry.


What are the activities you should conduct when you get there? Freight not, we have got you sorted out.


Read on and get to know the 5 must-do things that will get you blending in effortlessly.


  1. Get A Box Of Wine



When you go for a wine tour, you will more often than not end up buying a bottle of wine to bring back home. Carrying wine can be tricky and thus needs special care. There are many available wine boxes for purchase from reputable online stores such as Amazon. Some take the look of old-fashioned crate to fully blend in with the aging aspect of wine. You will be glad you carried a box, otherwise the wine bottles will keep rattling and some might even break. Alternatively, you can call to inquire if the winery offers any shipping arrangements.

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Picnics sites are common place in wineries. Tagging along your picnic basket and mat will sure come in handy. Once you are done with the tasting, get a bottle of the wine with your loved the one. Get a nice place to sit down with your loved ones and savor in the picturesque landscapes of the winery.


  1. Have A Designated Driver

It goes without saying; any trips which involve consumption of alcoholic drinks, demand a designated driver. Tours to the winery will definitely involve alcohol. Driving when intoxicated may bring along trouble with the law to say the least. It is therefore wise to get a designated driver to guide you along the whole wine tasting tour. Every time I was in Temecula, aka Southern California’s wine country, I would also called up one of my good friends Steven. He actually owns one of the best Temecula LIMO Service over there. So if you ever wine hopping in the area, I would definitely recommend them.


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  1. Converse With Winery Owners

This is the second best thing to do in a wine tasting tour. The first being is tasting the wine of course. Most of the time, the people behind the bar are usually the owners. Sometimes they may be people who are closely related to the winery. Conversing with them will get you acquainted to the wine history and the wine-making as a whole. The fascinating behind the scenes content will give you a new perspective to truly appreciate the wine. The winemakers are experts in wine accompaniments. Get to know what food goes best with what wine. What events are best complimented by wines.


  1. Discover New Wines

Different regions have different weather conditions. This brings the diversity of fruits. The grapes from your local store might be of a different breed from the ones you find in wineries. Indulge yourself to the variety your wine tasting tour presents. Hybrid grapes give wine a unique taste from native grapes. Try them all and maybe you will find your sweet spot.

Some wineries have nature trails. These are perfect for those who appreciate nature. They are ideal for lovers who want to stroll and talk sweet nothings. Be adventurous and enjoy the serenity.

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  1. Drink Responsibly

It’s not a myth that wines taste better at wineries than from the store. The same wine you always drink at home will taste a whole lot better at the winery. This is due to the controlled environment in a winery that isn’t replicated at home. It is therefore easy to get carried away by the deep rich tastes. Drink responsibly. Have fun but not too much. Always remember that a person who doesn’t control their drinking spoils the fun for everyone around him or her. This further emphasizes why it is important to have a designated driver.



Now that you know what to do in a wine tasting tour, its time to plan for one. After all, some wineries give away wine samples for free. At the same time you will get to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature and panoramic landscapes. Moreover, the tour might be what you need to blow off steam from work pressures and hustles of living in the city. Maybe even ignite that spark in you and your spouse like newlyweds. As a bonus you will get to enjoy and discover new wines. At the end of the tour, you will be a wine connoisseur before you know it and maybe get a new favorite wine while at it.

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